Website Maintenance: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

Website “maintenance” refers to the technical aspects of keeping a website healthy, secure, and functional.

Website owners usually hire an expert to handle their maintenance activities on a consistent basis.

This prevents their website from breaking down or getting hacked, and avoids revenue loss from website errors.

There are 4 critical tasks that your website expert should do on a monthly basis:

  1. Update all of the software integrations on your website. On average, there are 10-20 different software integrations that need to be manually updated at least once a month. If you don’t update all of the software integrations, things can easily break down or get hacked.

  2. Fix errors caused by software updates. Things often break after performing a software update, so it’s vital to check every page on your website to find and fix the errors right away.

  3. Monitor your website’s security and take action when needed. If you don’t have someone to jump in right away, your website can be erased, redirected to an inappropriate website, or injected with spammy advertisements, among other things.

  4. Take regular backups of your website. If your site breaks down or gets hacked and you’re not able to resolve the issue quickly, it’s critical to have a backup file to restore. Most people never need to use their backups, but those who DO need them are forever thankful.

Some of the simpler website platforms don’t require any technical maintenance, but if your website is built on a powerful platform like WordPress, the tasks listed above are absolutely necessary.

If you’re hiring a professional web designer, they’re most likely going to build your website on WordPress.

Studies show that about 39.5% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, with Shopify coming in 2nd at only 3.2%.

The reason why WordPress is so popular is because it has endless customization options and is by far the most flexible website platform.

With its versatility comes the need for ongoing technical maintenance.

Be sure to talk to your web designer about keeping your website healthy and driving revenue!

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