Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a series of technical tasks that keep your website healthy, secure, and functional. Regular upkeep of your website is critical for business success.

Software Updates

On average, every website has about 10-20 different software integrations that need to be updated manually, at least once a month.

Bug Repairs

After a software update takes place, certain things on your website can break. It's important to fix these errors immediately and effectively.

Security Monitoring

Every website is susceptible to attack and should have a professional who is ready to take immediate action if something happens.

Daily Backups

In the event of a catastrophic error or a malicious attack, it's vital to have external backups of your website to restore.

Server Management

Your server needs ongoing management to ensure that you always have the most recent PHP version and have enough storage space.

Ongoing Support & Training

In addition to completing all of the ongoing technical tasks, we're here in case you need any other help related to your website.


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