Case Study: Michelle Hojan

Daniel Houle, Author

About The Client

Michelle Hojan is one of the top producing real estate brokers in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, with a primary focus on estate sales. Michelle is a listing agent, buyers agent, investors agent, and most importantly an estate sales agent. One of her differentiators is that she also provides cutting-edge photography services, allowing her to sell her clients’ properties for top dollar.

The Problem

Michelle had created her previous website by herself, and she wasn’t pleased with what she created. She wanted to hire a professional to finally do it properly. She wanted something truly elegant and authentic, different from any other real estate agent in the area. She also wanted to be able to promote her own listings on her website, including a “lead magnet” that would capture leads for her to follow up with. Michelle also wanted Azuro Digital to help with copywriting, in order for the website to have the best conversion rate possible.

The Objectives

  • Elegant, unique design
  • Simple user experience
  • Engaging written content that drives conversions
  • Content management system for her listings, making it easy for her to add new listings on her own
  • Lead magnets throughout the site to assist the conversion rate

The Solution

The first step of this project was to build a content strategy and a content outline. We were heavily involved in the content creation process. We find that it’s most effective to begin with some content creation before we actually start to design the site. This is because the entire design revolves around the written content, so it’s best to have the written content somewhat completed first. From there, we designed the site around that content, while making some adjustments to the content so that it has the optimal structure and length for a perfectly elegant design. In our design, we used a unique combination of colours, fonts, white space, and illustrations to create something truly unique, elegant, and authentic. Here’s a screenshot of the homepage:

In our written content, in order to make it compelling, we made the content speak directly to the website visitor on a personal level. All of the content is written in “first person” from Michelle’s perspective to make it more relatable, and the content poses many questions directly to the website visitor along the way. For example, under the Estate Sales heading, there’s a line of text that says “Have you experienced a death in the family? Looking to downsize? I can help.” Another key component of this website was to create an easily editable Listing Management System that elegantly displays properties that are for sale or that were recently sold. Here’s a screenshot of what that section looks like:

When you click on any of the properties, it opens a lead form in which you need to enter your email address to get access to the property details. From there, Michelle can enroll that lead into her email marketing list to continuously nurture over time. Here’s a screenshot of that lead form:

The Results

Michelle Hojan was ecstatic about the final product, and about the increase in conversion rate that she noticed shortly after the launch of the website. She was thrilled about the bottom line results, and the return on investment that she received from her new website. Not only is the website beautiful and perfectly on-brand, but it actually increases the profitability of her business. Michelle talks about this in her positive review on Clutch. She’s also made tons of referrals. See her feedback in the screenshot below: