Case Study: InHaus Cooking

Daniel Houle, Author

About The Client

InHaus Cooking is run by Michael Hauschild, a luxury private chef that serves high-end meals to wealthy clients in the Ottawa region. Michael graduated from Canada’s premier culinary school; The Culinary Institute of Canada. Micheal was selected and competed for U-25 Culinary Team Canada and won two silver medals at The Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. Michael launched InHaus Cooking in February 2019 in Ottawa.

The Problem

InHaus Cooking’s luxurious brand needed a website to match. The design needed to be elegant and simply stunning, with an emphasis on Michael, his achievements, and his award-winning dishes. His website needed to be 100% unique, unlike anything else in his industry. InHaus Cooking also needed a new logo that portrayed the same luxury brand image. Aside from conveying information about Michael and his achievements, another key requirement of the website was to create a “sample menu” page that beautifully displays some of his key dishes, and this page needed to be easily editable by Michael himself – for whenever he needs to update the menu items. For this reason, the website needed to be built with very simple tools.

The Objectives

  • Design the website with a beautiful, elegant, luxurious aesthetic to portray the “high-end” nature of the brand
  • A big focus on Michael, his backstory, his achievements, and his key dishes
  • Needs to be simple for Michael to edit the menu items himself
  • Logo design and branding

The Solution

We worked with Michael to assemble a series of stunning images. We coordinated photography services to take upscale images of Michael and his food, so that the entire website is authentic, original, and simply beautiful. Once the images were collected, we proceeded to assemble some extra design collateral to use as graphics, icons, watermarks, etc. We also touched up some of his photos to enhance colours, remove backgrounds, and more. Imagery was a big focus for this project. As a result, we ended up with an absolutely stunning homepage, as seen in the screenshot below:

As for branding, in order to give the website (and the logo) a luxurious feel, we used an elegant serif font called “Cormorant” and paired 2 colours throughout the design: a light beige-gold and a dark navy blue-grey, as seen in the logo below:

InHaus Cooking Logo Design Branding Ottawa

The final key component to address was the sample menu page. We applied the same elegant design to this page and made it simple for Michael to edit the page himself by using a drag-and-drop page builder called Elementor. We provided Michael with comprehensive training materials on how to implement changes himself, and he’s found the whole process to be a breeze ever since we launched the site. You can view the sample menu page here.

The Results

Michael’s expectations were exceeded and he found his new website to be even nicer than he imagined. Most importantly, he ended up landing several new high-end clients who expressed their admiration of his website. To be exact, in Michael’s strong review on Clutch, he stated that “my clients tell me the reason why they chose me instead of my competitors is because of how good and professional my website looks”. See more details in the screenshot below: