Case Study: Inforce Life

Daniel Houle, Author

About The Client

Inforce Life is an insurance brokerage that provides cutting-edge resources to their agents, equipping them for success. Inforce Life has seen 12x growth in 8 years. They’re a fast-growing team of hungry, innovative, forward-looking advisors moving the industry in a stronger direction. Licensed in several jurisdictions across Canada.

The Problem

Inforce Life’s old website primarily targeted the end customer: the person who actually buys the insurance. However, Inforce Life’s marketing strategy has shifted toward recruiting more advisors and equipping them to acquire clients on their own. As a result, Inforce Life’s entire website needed to be restructured, and it was also in need of a facelift to make it more visually appealing. That’s where Azuro Digital came in to help.

The Objectives

  • Restructure the website to target insurance advisors, instead of end customers (while making it clear that end customers can still get in touch with them if needed)
  • Make the website modern, simple, and clean, with the ultimate goal of creating a “digitally advanced” brand image
  • Build an “advisor portal” where advisors can log in and access resources

The Solution

In order to create a compelling message for insurance advisors, we helped Inforce Life develop a content strategy and outline that optimized the user experience. We even wrote a significant portion of the written content for them. It was also important that we leverage a ton of social proof throughout the first few moments of landing on the home page. Here’s a screenshot of what the top of the home page looks like now:

We focused on utilizing a significant amount of white space to allow all of the sections to breathe, giving it a modern appeal. We also developed an “advisor portal” where advisors can log in to access resources. Each advisor receives their own unique login credentials. Here is a screenshot of the login page:

The Results

Inforce Life received a website that exceeded their expectations in terms of design, messaging, and ease-of-use in the backend. It also aligned perfectly with what they were hoping to achieve with their Advisor Portal. We worked with Inforce Life’s digital marketing consultant, Leon Punambolam, who wrote us a very positive review on Clutch. See his feedback in the screenshot below: