Case Study: Gump Training

Daniel Houle, Author

About The Client

Gump Training (previously known as Computer Help) was one of the first computer training companies in the Greater Toronto Area. Since their inception over 30 years ago in 1986, they have prided themselves in delivering professional, hands‑on training to organizations large and small at a competitive price.

The Problem

Gump Training approached us with an issue that we hear all too often: they initially hired a different web design company and were left with a website that they absolutely despised. The design was cluttered and sloppy, the navigation was counter-intuitive, and the key functionality that they required simply didn’t work. To make matters worse, the other agency was unwilling to make any further revisions, leaving Gump Training with no choice but to hire another agency and start from scratch.

The Objectives

  • Website to be developed on WordPress
  • Simple for their team to edit and update themselves
  • Clean and modern design
  • Optimized for conversions and the user experience
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Fast and secure
  • Course registration and payment process with dynamic filters and automated price calculations

The Solution

When building the website, our #1 priority was to optimize the conversion rate and motivate the visitor to take action. The was achieved by using a modern, clean, and simple design that is straightforward to follow, but also by ensuring that the navigation and flow of information was optimized. For example, we suggested that their website includes a significant amount of compelling social proof in the right places, paired with prominent and enticing calls-to-action. This is what their home page looks like now:

We decided to use Elementor as their page builder on WordPress to make it as simple as possible for their team to edit the website themselves. We avoided using any unnecessary custom code so that the entire website is powered by a simple “drag and drop” functionality. Using Elementor, we also ensured to make the website perfectly responsible on all types of phones, tablets, and any size of browser. And by pairing Elementor with powerful site speed plugins like WP Rocket and Imagify, we were able to make the website load very quickly. We achieved a score of 98 on Google PageSpeed Insights (and 73 on mobile):

Another major component of their website is to provide a flexible, yet simple registration process for their clients. Their registration process required future fields within the form to dynamically change based on their responses in prior fields. It also required an automated price calculation to be made, based on their responses in each field. Finally, it required payment processing to take place directly on the website. To achieve all of this functionality and to keep everything simple for the client to update themselves in the backend, we used the Formidable Forms plugin to build the functionality. You can see their registration page for yourself here, and below you can see a screenshot of what it looks like on the front end:

The Results

Gump Training was thrilled with the end product. Their website started to convert more clients, and it became simpler and more streamlined for their clients to register for courses. The new registration process also made it easier for their team to manage in the backend, improving their operations. Michele Kennedy, the owner of Gump Training, was pleased to leave a very positive review on Clutch. See her feedback in the screenshot below: