Case Study: Focal Electric

Daniel Houle, Author

About The Client

Focal Electric is an electrical company in Ottawa that primarily focuses on clean energy: installing solar panels, EV charging stations, and more. They provide services for both residential and commercial clients, and they’ve received numerous accreditations from Hydro Ottawa, WSIB Ontario, Hydro One, the Electrical Safety Authority, and more.

The Problem

Focal Electric’s previous website was outdated and wasn’t driving the conversion rate that they wanted. It also wasn’t targeting the right keywords for SEO. To add to their problems, they had also recently pivoted to make renewable energy their primary focus, which meant that their messaging and entire website structure needed to change. That’s where Azuro Digital came in.

The Objectives

  • Perform keyword research and optimize the content for SEO
  • Beautiful modern design that will stand out from the crowd and drive conversions
  • Restructure the website’s content to focus on clean energy as their primary service
  • Seamlessly integrate their client booking system for smooth operations

The Solution

The first thing that we addressed was the fact that they wanted to shift their focus to renewable energy services. For that reason, we decided to add a prominent background video of solar panels to the top of the homepage. We ensured that this background video had slow and steady camera movement and didn’t have too much going on, in order to not distract or overwhelm the visitor. When it comes to background videos, subtlety is essential. When everything is done correctly, background videos are a great way to make the website instantly stand out from competitors and increase the conversion rate. Below you’ll find a screenshot of the top of the homepage, but we also encourage you to check the live website to see the effect of the video:

In the screenshot above, you’ll also notice that we added the word “Ottawa” throughout the headings on their website, and we also included “Ottawa” throughout other pages and sections on their website. This was done to boost their ability to rank highly on Google. While this content optimization gave a boost to their rankings, there’s still a long road ahead before they can get ranked on the 1st page for keywords like “ottawa electricians” or “ottawa EV charging station installer”. In order to get a significant return on investment from SEO, the next step is to generate more high-quality backlinks to their site. We’ve referred Focal Electric to another agency that specializes in backlink generation to help them achieve their vision of #1 rankings.

Another key component of Focal Electric’s website was to seamlessly integrate their “client hub” for existing clients to book their services directly, without needing to contact anyone. If you click “client hub” in their main menu, it brings you to a login page as seen in the screenshot below, and once logged in you can easily book services on your own:

The Results

Focal Electric was very excited about the results. They’ve seen an influx of new clients ever since we launched their new site. Their owner, Jason Ha, has been a phone reference for us and is always happy to talk to our potential clients about how our services sustainably boosted their revenue. The integration with the client hub has also made it easier to manage their clients, and we’ve set them up on the right path for SEO by optimizing their content and referring them to an excellent backlink generation agency.