Case Study: ConductLaw

Daniel Houle, Author

About The Client

ConductLaw is a business law firm in Ottawa that focuses on corporate and commercial law, wills and estate planning, and real estate transactions. All of their lawyers are accredited by The Canadian Bar Association, The Federation of Ontario Law Association, The Law Society of Ontario, The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and more.

The Problem

ConductLaw had a very outdated website that made their firm look “old”. They wanted something cutting-edge. Many of their clients are innovative entrepreneurs, and they wanted to create a brand image that was more modern in order to impress their clientele. ConductLaw also had a fairly large library of blog posts that were performing well in the search engines, so it was vital to maintain those rankings.

The Objectives

  • Create a cutting-edge and innovative aesthetic for their website
  • Use motion effects throughout their website
  • Optimize the conversion rate of their website with the help of “social proof”
  • Maintain their blog’s SEO performance

The Solution

The first step that we took to achieve a design that instantly stands out with a modern, cutting-edge appeal was to use a background video at the top of the homepage. From there, we proceeded to add motion effects to the rest of the elements throughout the entire website, while ensuring that the motion effects were not too distracting or overwhelming. This gave the website a very innovative feel, which is aligned with their main clientele of innovative entrepreneurs seeking legal counsel. To see the full effect of the background video and the motion effects, check the live site, but here’s a screenshot of the top of the homepage:

Aside from having a beautiful design, we also recommended to ConductLaw that we leverage several sources of social proof throughout their website in order to optimize the conversion rate. We ended up utilizing 3 different sources of social proof: certification logos, testimonials, and statistics. Below are some screenshots of the different “social proof” sections that we designed on their website:

Another key component of their website rebuild was to ensure that their blog posts maintained current rankings. By improving things like site speed, link structure, etc, we not only ended up maintaining their rankings, but we also made some improvements by optimizing site speed, adding author bios, improving link structure, and more.

The Results

JP McAvoy, the managing partner at ConductLaw, was so thrilled with the results that he offered to record a video testimonial. Their firm saw an increase in leads from their website as a result of the superior conversion rate and the SEO improvements. JP McAvoy also left a great review on Clutch. Here’s the video testimonial:

And below is some of the feedback from JP’s review on Clutch, where he talks about the amount of new leads that the new website is generating: